NFS Most Wanted Theme

NFS Most Wanted Theme

Need for Speed whooshes onto your phone


  • Striking background wallpaper
  • Eye-catching menu icons


  • Quite tacky


If you're a fan of the Need for Speed series of games, then why not pimp your phone with this NFS Most Wanted Theme?

The free theme features the NFS logo on a black background and sets this as the wallpaper on your homescreen and menu screens. It's a striking 3D design, which will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the game.

Aside from adding this background, the NFS Most Wanted Theme also applies some colorful, if slightly boring new icons. It also alters the color scheme of the S60 system, decking all the menus out in black and luminous blue. Personally, I found this color scheme to be a little garish though.

Fans of the game will almost certainly like the NFS Most Wanted Theme but if you're not into it you may find it a bit tacky.

NFS Most Wanted Theme


NFS Most Wanted Theme

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